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Who doesn’t want a perfect tire beautified with multiple colors and tattoos? Our Generation has been obsessed with car aesthetics. But painting your tires can be quite expensive. The best way to minimize the cost is to buy a good tire paint pen. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best tire paint pens in the market. Buckle up and be seated. 

7 best tire paint pen Reviews 2021

1.Waterproof metallic paint marker pens 


This is one of the best waterproof tire paint pens you can buy. These tire marker pens are long lasting and can be used in all types of tires including big SUVs. They come within a package of 12 colors. So this is a very good bargain. You can use the tire paint pen on virtually any surface of your choice. Be it metal, pottery, wood, or rubber, it’ll work. The best part about this product is, it’s extremely easy to use. A child can use it with no problem whatsoever. 

This has other applications as well besides tire paintings. You can use the paint marker pens for graffiti, board painting, etc. If you’re looking for value in a product this is the best the market has to offer. 

Special Benefits:

  • Since it’s waterproof, you can take your motorcycle or cars to a swampy area without thinking twice. 
  • Easy removal as a few layers of nail polish remover or similar alcoholic solutions will take it off.
  • Sharp tips that’ll allow you to do the trickiest and most complicated designs easily.

2. Paint Pen for Car Tires 

This tire ink brand is one of the cheapest yet reliable tire paint pens for anyone. They have many color options that you can choose from. However, many people usually go for white or silver for the contrasting effect on their tires. These tire paint pens will last for up to 1 year. It is incredibly resilient and doesn’t fade away unlike many other tire paints. You can put your car or motorcycle in a car wash yet not an inch of your paint will be harmed in any way. Like the previous, tire ink, the tire paint pen can be used in all types of tires. Buy one and see for yourself. 

Special Benefits:

  • Perfect companion for complicated designs due to the 2 sided reversible tip it comes with.
  • A very useful tire paint pen with various usages.
  • Amazing staying power makes it very long lasting.

3. Tire Paint Pen Marker 

The tire paint pen from CHUIR is the star of tonight. CHUIR regularly manufacture high-quality paint pen for various commercial car companies. However, they also have a lineup for regular people. Their waterproof tire paint pen can be used on any tire or rubber product of your choice. Once, you’ve used it, it’s very hard to remove without specific chemicals. The pen is optimally designed to prevent any leakage. The pen tip remains dry all the time. You have to shake it before using it. Another mentionable feature would be the fact that it is a 100% non-toxic and environmentally responsible tire paint pen. You can leave it out in the open without the fear of someone getting sick. 

Special Benefits:

  • Painting with the CHUIR tire paint pen is super fun, and super easy! 
  • Offers an anti-fading ink with fast dry capabilities. 
  • Non toxic ink makes it safe for your kids.
  • You no longer have to feel guilty because it’s a climate friendly tire paint pen.

4. Car Paint Marker Pens

Car Paint Marker Pens Auto Writer White

Auto writer’s best tire paint pens are regularly used by car enthusiasts all over the world. According to the manufacturer, this product is better than liquid chalk. With this car paint, you can cover most of your cars. Forget stickers and other pre-made abomination, and let your inner artist flourish with this car paint. With Autowriter’s car paint you can write not only on tires but also on the windshield, motorcycle helmets, tires, mirrors, and non-porous surfaces. Other than if left unused this car paint can be used by a board designer or house paint. There are many different colors available on Amazon, choose what works best for you. 

Special Benefits:

  • Painting with this car paint is absolutely safe because it is non toxic!
  • Washable paint that lasts for more than a year. 
  • Multipurpose usage so you no longer have to get different paint for different tasks.

5. Allstar ALL12052 White Paint Marker

Allstar White Paint Marker

Allstar’s white paint marker can also be used as a DIY tire paint pen. White color is regularly used for contrast with the black color of the tire. Many people opt for regular white paint markers for two reasons. Number one, they already have them or number two, they’ll use it for some other purpose as well. Well if you’re in the latter white paint marker is a great choice for tire paint too. This paint is long-lasting, weather, water, and heat resistant. This one also works on rubber, glass, and plastics. 

Special Benefits:

  • Perfect for indicating tire stagger. 
  • Washable and lasts for a while. 
  • One marker can paint upto 4 tires or more which means one pack will last you for a very long time! 

6. Paint Pens for Rock Painting

Paint Pens for Rock Painting

Zenacolors’s 12 permanent pen sets can be used on virtually any surface of your choice. These are oil-based permanent inks and High-quality and ASTM D-4236 certified ink glass paint pens. These collections can be perfect for designing and tattooing your tires with multiple colors. Only black is not liked by all, at the end. The collection is bright and bold, to say the least. Every pen comes with an anti-leak system that keeps the head dry. You’ve to shake the pen vigorously before every use. The best thing about the brand is that they give a Zenacolor guarantee of 30 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied they will return your money.

Special Benefits:

  • It has an exclusive pump and paint system. 
  • Offers a wide collection of bright and bold colors to satisfy your inner artistic soul.
  • You no longer have to worry about whether the paint marks will last or not, because this is very long lasting!

7. White Paint Pen for Art

White Paint Pen for Art

Akarued offers the 8 white paint pen packages at the cheapest rate imaginable. The white paints can be used on all surfaces of your car including tires. The best feature of this white pen is it’s easier to control. You can control every stroke and every flow. Because it has a 2-3mm point pp, which gives you more precision. This paint pen also creates the perfect effect on the surface. With the feature of easier control, the pen can be easily used for small-medium line details painting and large area filling. It dries at a faster rate and is water-resistant. This is one of the best white tire paint pens you can buy. 

Special Benefits:

  • Non-toxic and safe for kids so have fun painting with this along with your kids!
  • Because of the size of the tip, this paint pen is extremely user friendly!
  • Water based acrylic paint makes it super easy to use on almost all type of surfaces.


How long does tire paint pen last?

A tire paint will last anywhere from six months to one and a half years. It depends on the type and quality of the product. However, most tire paint won’t spoil within the first year. 

Do Tire paint pens work?

Yes, it does beyond doubt. Tire pens can be a great way to increase the aesthetics of your tires. 

Does a Tire Paint Pen Work For Tire Lettering?

Yes, you can use tire paint for tire lettering. But you’ve to be careful to not use any problematic colors which can’t be seen from a distance. 


A tire paint has multiple usages besides just painting your tires. Investing in one might be more useful than it appears. You can buy any tire paint pen that works. But the expert recommendation is to buy only certified products. Certified products are usually non-toxic, safe, and backed with guarantees. You can buy them from Amazon or the local market of your choice. Before painting your tires, it’s also recommended to have the best gas ratio in your tires.

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