Best Automotive Paint Gun for The Money

Best Automotive Paint Gun For The Money

Undoubtedly, we all cherish shiny rides. But visiting your mechanic every time you want to give your car a new coat can be costly. That’s why many people resort to DIY car painting as a way to save some cash and still enjoy a glistening ride. You, too, can do this. But first, consider purchasing the best automotive paint gun for the money.

Spray painting your car from home is cheaper and pretty reliable. You need the right skills and equipment. A good car paint gun and time on your hands. And while time may never be an issue, buying the right spray gun can be a nightmare.

Keep you cool and read through this spray gun buying guide. Besides, you will find this DIY activity perfectly intriguing with any of the spray guns in this review.

Top 5 Best Automotive paint Gun for The Money

We think it is time to own a spray gun to prepare for your next car paint job. But since there are thousands on the market today, making the right pick is tedious and time-consuming. We present you with our top 5 picks for your consideration.

Product NamePrice
Astro Pneumatic Tool Spray GunCheck Price & Availability
SPRAYIT Gravity Feed Spray GunCheck Price & Availability
DeVilbiss HVLP Gravity Spray Gun KitCheck Price & Availability
NEIKO HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Paint GunCheck Price & Availability
Wagner Paint Sprayers for AutomotiveCheck Price & Availability

1. Astro Pneumatic Spray Gun

Astro Pneumatic Tool Spray Gun

The Astro Pneumatic Spray Gun is not your ordinary hardware-type spray gun. The gun boasts of an exclusive air valve design and features unique two-piece construction. It also features a large, fully adjustable fan with unbeatable control and atomization capabilities. The Astro Pneumatic Spray Gun is an all-purpose piece of equipment. You will find it ideal for applying topcoats, contact cement, and a variety of primers.

The sprayer is pretty easy to clean and not prone to blockage. Besides, the 1-quart capacity cup ensures that you have enough for each cycle of spraying. You do not have to make frequent refills as you paint your automotive.

Special Benefits

  • Beginners can easily learn how to use and set up various parameters since it comes with a detailed user manual.
  • The included air feed line makes it possible to hold the gun without spilling your paint.
  • A large fan reduces job times while delivering unmatchable finishes.

2. SPRAYIT Gravity Feed Spray Gun

Many people buy spray guns that end up gathering dust because they cannot piece them up. That is not what you can expect with the SPRAYIT Gravity Feed Spray Gun. It is a lightweight spray gun that comes in a single piece. It is one of the few multipurpose spray guns that you can use on anything. You will find it viable for industrial, automotive, woodworking, and marine applications.

Adjusting various parameters with this gun is also pretty easy. Conveniently, it features separate controls for the fan pattern, fluid, and air for unbeatable precision. At 30 PSI, the sprayer consumes between 4.2 to 6.0 CFM, which is fairly economical.

Special Benefits

  • You can use the gun for any spraying application.
  • Both the nozzle and the fluid needle are corrosion resistant and therefore very durable.
  • The aluminum swivel cup allows for maximum reachability.
  • The separate air and fan pattern controls that deliver maximum precision.

3. DeVilbiss Starting Line HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit

The DeVilbiss StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit is arguably the best automotive HVLP spray gun. The package consists of two high-quality paint guns, making it a premium buy. The first gun features a 1.3 mm nozzle fitted on it and a changeable 1.5 mm nozzle. On the other hand, the other gun comes with a large 1.8 mm nozzle. It is designed for 600cc caps and performs optimally at 30 PSI. Besides, it features a convenient air cap press of 13 CFM.

Special Benefits

  • The inclusion of two different nozzle types delivers unbeatable versatility.
  • A 600CC cap capacity can hold primers and sealers together with paint.
  • It is easy to use hence ideal for a beginners, hobbyists, and seasoned professionals.
  • The air regulator comes with a gauge for easy control.

4. NEIKO HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Paint Gun

You cannot talk about spray guns without mentioning a model from NEIKO. The company’s history dates back to several years. No doubt, their products are high performers and can endure the world of construction. The NEIKO 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Paint Gun is an incredible example. It is a piece of heavy-duty equipment that delivers maximum longevity. Besides, the gravity-feed design delivers maximum versatility and precision. The adjustable knobs are perfectly easy to use. Thus, it’s very unlikely that you will fumble with this precious tool’s setup process.

Special Benefits

  • You can use the included 1.7 mm versatile nozzle for clear coats and various other painting projects.
  • The included multi-size wrench makes assembly and disassembly easy.
  • An included cleaning glass makes the gun easy to clean.
  • The system comes as a complete set.

5. Wagner Spraytech Automotive Paint Spray Gun

And finally, we take a brief look at the Wagner Spraytech Automotive Paint Spray Gun. The industrial-grade equipment is ideal for anyone looking to perfect low flashpoint coating applications. You can use it for spraying your recreational vehicle, truck bed, trailer, and car exterior. It is a customizing gun that is ideal for applying both decorative and protective coatings. Interestingly, the package comes with two nozzles; the iSpray Nozzle and the Detail Finish Nozzle. While the former specializes in applying thick textured coats, the latter does well with smooth, even coats. So, the level of versatility is unbeatable.

Special Benefits

  • It comes with a powerful motor. The self-contained construction delivers unmatched convenience.
  • Flexible adjustability features ensure a variety of ideal finishes.
  • You can achieve either protective or decorative coats depending on the nozzle type used.
  • It is more portable than most options that will require large compressors and electricity lines.

Final Words

We hope that this article helps you purchase the best automotive paint gun for the money. And with the options provided, you can easily get a proper spray gun for any budget. The trick is to pick a tool that meets your spraying needs. More importantly, the buying guide should help you rule out options that may not work well for you.

We wish you the best and a shiny car after your next spraying experience. If you think that there is a model that we need to include in this review, please let us know in the comments.

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