How To Paint A Phone Case: Make Your Phone Look Amazing!

Did you know painting your old phone case can turn it into a new one? Yes, it’s possible if you keep little interest in DIY projects and put in some effort.

Suppose you want a brand new case but have got no money to spend on a fancy case. Gather some DIY tools, save some time and start designing your old phone case. Find a suitable and trendy phone case design then.

If you don’t know “how to paint a phone case,” you must get a little bit of learning here. It is not a hassle at all.

There are certain things you need to focus on for a better paint outcome. You’ve to consider what products you’re using, what’s your phone case type, how to remove the older paint, how to prepare the patient, etc.

All these might make you confused here. Don’t worry; we got your back. With the correct procedure and preparation, you can customize your phone case in no time.

You can get idea on paint color for your phone case from this

Painting Phone Case Ideas:

Before you jump into painting your phone case, find out some unique but trendy ideas. Some incredible design and your creativity can undoubtedly change the entire appearance of the phone case. You can make stunning designs with basic painting ideas. Imagination has got no limit. You can make any design that suits your personality.

Here you can give a quick check over some creative yet straightforward phone case painting ideas:

Do some geometry:

Geometry designs are not only popular but also quick to draw. Here you can use some basic color over the phone case. Then, grab a matching shade of marker to draw some random geometric lines. These will give your phone case an intellectual look. Add a little bit of your creativity and make those straight lines enjoyable with some dots over them. Even a kid can try this idea. It’s basic, simple, quick and smart.

Quick superhero theme:

Who doesn’t love superhero/ superhero characters? If you’ve got a little bit of drawing skill, you can customize the phone case by drawing the theme character over your phone case. You don’t have to be any professional here. Suppose you’re a Batman fan. Then, get black, blue, yellow shades to paint the theme over your phone case. In general, theme-based phone cases are way too expensive. With a bit of creativity, you can paint your old basic phone case into a customized one. Try drawing Spiderman, Wonder Woman, ironman, barbie, lion king or any of your favorite characters over the case. It looks trendy and reflects your preferences as well.

Go floral:

Floral phone cases are another common but trendy phone case idea. It is also easy to paint over the case. Get your favorite shades and draw some flowers over the phone case. Here you can use bunches of colors. This painting idea is perfect for people who love colorful things. Use the liquid paint on an excellent base. Once it dries, use markers to draw beautiful flowers. If you’ve more experience with paintbrushes, consider using those as well.

All starry:

Bring the sky over your phone case! Sounds crazy, right? You can draw the moon and stars and stars over the phone case quickly. People who are into deep and exciting colors would love it. You can use glittery colors here to paint the case. Consider using shiny colors to make them more attractive. It’s also a simple but trendy idea for a phone case.


If you’re too afraid to make designs, keep it basic. You can draw straight lines and use two different colors in each section. That is super simple and looks fantastic as well. You don’t have to be afraid of ruining your phone case with paint. It’s going to bring a new classic look to your phone case.

Spread love:

Love is never out of trend and looks cute too. Everyone can draw this. Choose your favorite shades and paint your old phone case with love. These will look fancy if you spread some glitter over the paint.

They have bunches of colors, designs and ideas for painting your phone case. Pour your creativity, create ideas and make whatever designs you feel like. But these mentioned one case painting ideas are evergreen, and people seem to love these most.

What type of paint do you use to paint a phone case?

Which type of paint you should use over your phone case will absolutely depend on the phone case type. Each type of surface works better with a specific kind of paint. Even on which part of the phone you’re painting will carry a lot. The inner part of the case might need different types of paint for more durability.

Let’s explore more:

If you’re using a silicone phone cover, oil paint would be the best pick. Silicone-based paints are generally cheaper than other covers. You can feel free to explore with that cover. You better use at least two coats of paint for better adhesion.

If your phone case is plastic, consider using acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is more durable and won’t crack over time. It is safe for use over the inside part of the cover as well.

For a rubberized phone case, you should use spray paint. Spray paint works in a more durable and reliable way than rubber. These are waterproof and weather-resistant. For better finishing, choose acetone-free paint here. Make sure whatever you’re choosing is absolutely nontoxic paint.

Markers are also preferable to paint your phone case. But you better use them over the primary color. Markers will fade away if you want to use them as the primary colors. If you can use waterproof markers, that will work better.

How to paint a phone case? : Step By Step

Painting a phone case is easy. But you must follow a certain procedure to bring better adhesion. The procedure will vary depending on the phone case type.

Let’s jump on the topic.

Firstly, you’ve to gather some tools and materials:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paintbrush
  • Old newspaper
  • Tape/ glitters/ screw/ stones or other decorative materials
  • Multicolor markers
  • Nailpolish/ acrylic paint/ oil paint/ water paint

Follow the procedure step by step:

Step 1: Prepare the surface:

You have to start with preparing the phone case surface for painting. Make sure your phone case is paintable. As you’re painting an old phone case, it must give it quick cleansing. Try using rubbing alcohol and use microfiber cloths too. Clean both the inner side and the other side of the phone case thoroughly.

Step 2: Save the surface:

Remove the phone case and place it over an old newspaper. You better not include any technical parts while painting the case. If your phone case has any rung, detach that as well. Place the newspaper on a straight surface. It will save you from making the surface messy.

Step 3: Spread and Dry:

Now, take your paintbrush and apply your favorite color over the phone case. If you’re applying spray paint, you don’t have to use any brush. Just make sure you’re spreading the paint evenly all over the case. Let the paint dry before you jump into the next step. Drying the phone case will take around 1 hour.

Step 4: Do some designs:

Once the phone case is thoroughly dry, you can create your favorite design over the case. You can use glitters/ stones/ tapes whatever you like in this step. Use a marker/ paintbrush and create any trendy design over your phone case.

Leave your painted phone case in the open place for drying. Then, you can adjust it on your phone to get a beautiful appearance with that same old cover.

Can you paint a phone case with acrylic paint?

Yes, acrylic paint is absolutely a safe option to use over your phone. It is more reliable in many ways.

It would help if you made sure the case is primed correctly and you’re sealing it well to keep up the acrylic paint shine. Clean the phone case thoroughly, apply acrylic paint, make your preferable decorations and let the decoration and paint dry.

If your phone case is transparent, consider painting with acrylic paint from the inner area. Painting in the inside area will protect the paint from fading/ cracking.

Acrylic paints are easier to decorate with. You can spread glitter, create gold geometric designs, make waffles, write quotes and many more things.

Can you paint the phone case with watercolor?

Yes, you can definitely paint your phone case with watercolor. It will get you an artsy loom eventually. Watercolor seems more attractive over the clear phone case.

If you’ve got a transparent phone case, try some DIY hacks and turn the phone into something more attractive. You can take clear color paper and cut it just according to the transparent cover. Then paint the paper with whatever design you would love to.

Use any watercolor and your favorite paintbrush set. Make sure you’re drying the paper properly after designing. Once you’re done, adjust the paper properly into the cover from the inner side.

You can use different types of stickers to make the designs more attractive.

Can you use acrylic paint on a silicone phone case?

People always have complaints about acrylic paint not sitting well over silicone surfaces. That doesn’t mean it is impossible to paint silicone phone cases with acrylic paint. You have to prime the case surface thoroughly before jumping onto the painting.

Acrylic paint is one of the most pigmented and durable paints of all. The only rule here is to make sure proper priming and sealing hold up the beautiful design over your phone case. You can use whatever color, the design you like. You better paint the case from the inner side. It will make the case more protected and give you a smooth surface from the outside.

For priming your silicone phone case, get a good quality primer. For painting, you can use various paintbrushes, heat guns, tapes and other accessories. Consider sealing the paint with acrylic paint sealant after the paint is dry. It will help your phone case design to last longer.

Can you paint on a silicone phone case?

Although a silicone phone case is not easy to paint, it’s not impossible. You can easily paint a silicone phone case with some good tips and suggestions.

It will take a little effort and time if you know the correct procedure. Which products and in which environment you’re working on will also make a great impact here. The best and most effective tip would be to use a good-quality oil-based primer.

Once the primer is dried thoroughly, you can use some suitable paint and make your preferred design over the phone case. Don’t forget to add some sealant at the end. It will bring a smooth and shiny finish.

Can you paint a clear phone case?

Painting a clear phone case can get you any designs or paint you would want. If you have a clear phone case, try painting them from the inner side.

Make sure you’re cleaning the phone cases thoroughly before painting. It makes the paint set properly. You can use acrylic paint, oil-based paint, nail polish, and watercolor over a clear phone case. It is easier to paint, design or customize.

Prepare the inner surface nickel, apply acrylic paint, make some fantastic designs and dry the phone case nicely.

Can you paint a clear phone case with nail polish?

Nail art Phone Cases are pretty popular and look adorable as well. Even some consider nail polish far better than acrylic paint.

Here you better start with cleaning the phone case thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Give the surface a minute for drying after you’re using alcohol. Once the phone case is dried, apply nail polish and make any design you want.

You might have to apply several coats. Using nail polish over a phone case is a cheaper but incredible idea.

Can I spray paint my phone case?

Yes, you can definitely use spray paint to design your phone case. It works super well, and if you follow the right procedure, it will last longer than any other paint.

Spray paint is easier and quicker to design with. You marker, stripes, waffles to make the spray painting more enjoyable. You can use some good stripes and create designs. Now, spray the paint over the designs.

Consider using 1/ 2 coats of paint, dry the paint through;y and peel off the stripes. Make sure you’re drying each coat properly before applying another coat of spray paint over your phone case.

How to remove paint from a phone case?

Are you tired of the same boring color of your phone case? Or have you made any mistakes while painting and applied some wrong designs over the phone case?

Don’t panic! You’ve not ruined the case entirely. It is absolutely possible to remove paint from a phone case. You just have to apply the right procedure, use the proper ingredients to clean the case thoroughly.

The easiest way of removing paint over the phone case is by applying rubbing alcohol. Take some cotton and apply to rubbing alcohol, and clean the surface thoroughly.

If you want to remove any paint mess while designing and the paint is still wet, it is easier; You have to use a cotton towel and water. Wet paint will get removed in no time.

Wrap up:

DIY painting ideas can make your boring phone case turn into an exciting and exotic one. It takes little effort and time of yours. Getting a customized phone case is way more expensive than painting it. If your phone case is already painted, you can remove it as well for applying a new one. Get any suitable type of color, follow the perfect process and start painting your phone case. Here you’ve got to know how to paint a phone case ins and outs. Try following all these tips and suggestions to bring the most adorable and durable outcome.

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