6 Best Metallic Paint For Walls 2024[Reviews & Guide]

Best Metallic Paint For Walls

I firmly believe that most people, if not all, love to be unique. Otherwise, being the same as everyone else gets boring at some point. That’s the same for interior designs such as wall painting. Everyone does the same old traditional colors with or without added designs.

Why do the same?

I suggest you use metallic paint instead.

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Modern Masters 1 qt ME150 Silver Metallic Paint... Modern Masters 1 qt ME150 Silver Metallic Paint...
Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint, Quart, Soft... Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint, Quart, Soft...
Modern Masters MM59132 Collection Metallic Paint, 1... Modern Masters MM59132 Collection Metallic Paint, 1...
Rust-Oleum 255269 Metallic Accents Paint, 2 oz Trial... Rust-Oleum 255269 Metallic Accents Paint, 2 oz Trial...
Metallic Shimmer Pearlescent Paint for Interior and... Metallic Shimmer Pearlescent Paint for Interior and...
Studio Finishes Molten Metallics - Quart (Silver) Studio Finishes Molten Metallics - Quart (Silver)

Metallic paints are just what you’re looking for if you’re looking for uniqueness. They give your walls that extra sheen because they contain real metallic powder or flakes. And, they come in all sorts of colors. As they’re water-based, you can use them by yourself because it’s that easy!

This trend of using metallic paint on walls is relatively new. But it’s not getting old any time soon. There are so many brands of metallic paints now that you’ll get confused about what to use to make both your home’s interior and exterior.

Looking for the best metallic paint for walls?

Worry not. To turn your walls into a shimmery look , I bring forth these 6 best metallic paints that will leave you with no regrets.

You can see here for a quick review:

  1. Modern Masters Metallic Wall Paint
  2. Rust-Oleum Metallic Accent Paint
  3. Modern Masters Matte Metallic Paint
  4. Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint For Walls
  5. Metallic Shimmer Pearlescent Paint
  6. Benjamin Moore Molten Metallics Silver
  7. Modern Masters Metallic Wall Paint

6 Best Metallic Paint For Walls 2024

1. Modern Masters Metallic Wall Paint

Modern Masters 1 qt ME150 Silver Metallic Paint...

Modern Masters 1 qt ME150 Silver Metallic Paint...

    As one of the best brands for water-based metallic paints, it gives you everything you need in a metallic wall paint that you would need.

    The Modern Masters Metallic Silver color is truly a phenomenon. Not only it shines and shimmers like a shiny new car, but it’s also straightforward to use, according to the Modern Masters Metallic Paint reviews.

    You can paint walls, doors, ceilings, furniture, trim, lamps, and any carved surfaces with this product. As a household paint, which is also a solvent, it gives you a gratifying silver finish.

    There’s no toxicity in Modern Masters Silver Metallic Paint, which makes it delightful to work with it as it won’t cause you any harm.

    Modern Master extender for rolling #Me652 is the most recommended choice. This satin color can be used for small projects to extensive architectural projects.

    Made with traditional pigments, real metal particles, and pearlescent pigments, the Modern Masters Metal effects give you a breathtaking view of your interior or exterior, which is non-tarnishing as well.

    This product comes with three levels of color coverage, which are sheer, semi-opaque, and opaque. Two coats of opaque and three coats of semi-opaque give the best coverage, whereas the sheer will give traditional solid colors a remarkably shiny overcoat.

    Special Benefits:

    • No headaches, dizziness, itchy eyes, or runny nose from using this paint
    • Choose your style by picking out a coverage level that suits you
    • Nothing can tarnish the bright shimmery and satin finish
    • Don’t stop at just painting walls with it when you can paint almost anything else

    2. Rust-Oleum Metallic Accent Paint

    Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint, Quart, Soft...

    Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint, Quart, Soft...

      When it comes to paints with a thin consistency, you expect to get full coverage with two to three coats. Most metallic paints are thin of consistency, and at most times, you need more than one coat to reach opacity. But, with Rust-Oleum’s soft gold metallic paint, you need just one coat even though it’s water-based.

      Just one coat, and you get a brilliant shimmer effect on all your walls. One coat is enough for opacity, but you can add another coat for maximum impact. This metallic paint affects on walls, giving them a shiny finish

      This metallic gold paint for walls can also be used on other surfaces like doors, furniture, trim, and other surfaces.

      Because this paint has a very low odor, you won’t feel too bothered to work with it if you’re painting by yourself. And, the ingredient of this product consists of mica beads, which shine beautifully when hit by light.

      As this bewitching gold metallic paint takes only about 30 minutes to dry, you can add your second coat, if preferred, right after it dries. Even the cleanup is easy as you can wash it off with just soap and water. This bad boy can cover up to 105 sq ft.

      The rich, iridescent finish will be the talk of the town if you paint your interior or exterior with it.

      Special Benefits:

      • Rich and luxurious luster with one coat, unlike most metallic paints
      • Clean up with water and soap like it’s nothing
      • No waiting for hours for the paint to dry

      3. Modern Masters Matte Metallic Paint

      Modern Masters MM59132 Collection Metallic Paint, 1...

      Modern Masters MM59132 Collection Metallic Paint, 1...

        You want something unique? I’ll give you something extraordinary! Think about something that’s metallic, made with shimmery substances, and yet gives off a matte finish. Yes, you read it right! You will get all of these things in one simple product from Modern Masters.

        Modern Masters is a huge brand that comes with Modern Masters Metallic Paints that have matte finish. There are so many unique colors to choose from. But, my favorite is the platinum silver metallic paint.

        Most suitable for your interior, this paint can be used on walls, furniture, ceilings, trim and other surfaces.

        As a water-based product, it doesn’t have a strong odor, which is preferable for most people. And, on top of that, it has low volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are excellent for your health.

        This metallic paint for interior walls also dries within just 30 minutes, and you can paint your second coat right after 30 minutes if needed, which will give your walls a semi-opaque matte metallic finish. And, because of the metallic particles in it, the color won’t tarnish over time.

        Special Benefits:

        • No need to wait all day for the paint to dry
        • Get both metallic and matte finish that you won’t find anywhere else
        • Stays the same even after years

        4. Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint for Walls

        Rust-Oleum 255269 Metallic Accents Paint, 2 oz Trial...

        Rust-Oleum 255269 Metallic Accents Paint, 2 oz Trial...

          You know it’s a great brand when it’s mentioned twice in the same article. Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint brings you such quality products with a wide range of colors to choose from that it might just become your go-to metallic paint.

          This bad boy can resist bad weather if you use it on your home’s exterior. Because of its formula, which is water-based, this paint gives you the durability that’s unheard of.

          When you put on a coat of this paint, it starts to shimmer when light hits the surface of your walls. This iridescent finishing shines brightly because of the mica beads, making your interiors look more lively.

          As this paint is made to be used by yourself, you don’t need extra help or even pay for the paint job. And, within 30 minutes of application, it’ll dry completely.

          Use this on any other surface like trim, furniture, doors, or more. Clean up easily with soap and water.

          Special Benefits:

          • Get the quality that you deserve with this paint
          • Extra-shimmery finish because of the mica beads
          • Lasts you more than just a few Christmases
          • Drying time is so fast that you don’t need to wait around all-day

          5. Metallic Shimmer Pearlescent Paint

          Metallic Shimmer Pearlescent Paint for Interior and...

          Metallic Shimmer Pearlescent Paint for Interior and...

            Usually, with wall paints, you have to mix different colors to get the exact color that’s been in your mind for your walls.

            Honestly, I love seeing colors getting mixed. I find it soothing. You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. I’m talking about mixing colors because Metallic Shimmer Pearlescent can be blended with traditional solid colors.

            You’re probably still not clear on what I’m blabbering about. I’ll be straight with you. The brand called Polyvine has brought to you a pearlescent metallic shimmer paint that needs to be mixed with other colors. Mix it with any traditional solid color paint you want, and find that mixture becoming pearlescent right before you.

            If you used this pearlescent paint for walls straight out of the bottle, it would display a pale yet pearlized finish. It all depends on your preference.

            Unbelievably durable, this pearl effect paint for walls can be used for both your home’s interior and exterior. This easy water cleanup paint is excellent for metalwork, railings, furniture, doors, and gates.

            Special Benefits:

            • Feel like a kid playing with colors while being able to mix this paint with any color you want
            • Get a pale pearlescent look if you use it straight out of the bottle
            • Use it once and it’ll last a really long time

            6. Benjamin Moore Molten Metallics Silver

            Studio Finishes Molten Metallics - Quart (Silver)

            Studio Finishes Molten Metallics - Quart (Silver)

            I have taken you through all kinds of metallic paints that go on plane surfaces and look smooth and flawless on any surface. But, what if you don’t want that smoothness?

            Benjamin Moore Metallic Paint brings you something completely different. With this next product, you get a hammered look on your walls.

            Let me explain what a hammered look is. When you paint your walls with this Studio Finishes Molten Metallics paint, the surface of your walls will have an effect where it’ll look like someone hammered your walls all over. This paint gives your walls a chic look, which is, for most people, better than plain walls.

            This silver metallic wall paint gives your walls a deep rich finish that’s highly glossy. You can use it on your interior and exterior both.

            If you want to, you can use this paint on other surfaces such as furniture, trim, accent ceilings, decorative pieces, and anywhere you want a hammered finish. And, you can paint on new or already painted walls.

            Durable as it is, this paint is rust-proof. But, you can’t use it at room temperatures, and surface temperatures are below 10 degrees C.

            Put on two coats for perfect coverage but never apply on any galvanized metal or aluminum.

            Special Benefits:

            • Apply on the exterior of your home without the fear of this paint rusting
            • Walls will look like someone hammered all over them
            • No need to reapply for ages

            Buying Guide: Best Metallic Paint for Walls

            If you don’t want your walls to look like a disaster after a paint job is done either right then or after a while, you need to follow a set of requirements. Don’t worry! I will guide you through it.

            Interior/exterior Operations

            You only use something when you know what purpose it serves. So is the case with indoor and outdoor wall paints. Not all interior paints are meant for a house’s exterior.

            For exterior paints, the ingredients are selected to beat adverse weather and be durable enough not to get damaged anyhow. At the same time, interior paint doesn’t need to withstand bad weather. That’s why you have to choose your paint carefully, keeping in mind where you want to use it.

            The best thing about metallic paints is that they’re suitable for both your home’s interior and exterior.


            Who doesn’t want to be able to use one thing for various purposes? Just like that, you’d want paint that works on multiple surfaces instead of just walls. But, most wall paints are not designed for anything else. They’re just made for paint-jobs on walls.

            On the other hand, most metallic paints work on several different surfaces such as doors, trim, furniture, ceilings, wood, paper, and canvas. You should find the best metallic paint of your choice, depending on how versatile you need it to be.


            As you already know, metallic paints are used for interior and exterior, in most cases. If this is the case, then you’d need the paint you chose to be durable enough to withstand all kinds of harsh environmental effects such as humidity, high or low temperature, wind, rains, or any other natural forces.

            Although most metallic paints are able to combat all kinds of challenging weather situations, in some cases, there may even be some low-quality metallic paints that just won’t be able to do that job correctly.

            That’s why you have to be vigilant about making sure you purchase a high-quality, durable, and heavy-duty metallic paint.

            Paint Color

            If you’re thinking of doing a paint job in your home’s interior, the color you choose will matter profoundly.

            The reason for this is that, when it comes to metallic paints, the lighting of your interior will decide how the color will end up looking.

            Even for your home’s exterior, sunlight and moonlight will define the color that you chose.

            Select a color that goes with the aesthetics of your home for both interior and exterior walls.

            Shining Features

            When it comes to wall painting, we mostly go for metallic paints for their shine and shimmer. This shouldn’t come as a shock that all metallic paints contain shining properties. If you want that pearlescent glow that you get from metallic paint, you need to keep your eyes out for the ingredients.

            All metallic paints contain metal powder, metal flakes, or even pure mica beads to achieve that iridescent finish. These unique ingredients decide whether the surface you applied the metallic paint on will give your walls that flawless and durable shine.

            What’s the best metallic paint for living room walls?

            Why do we paint the interior of our homes? You could say we do that because we like it, or the reason could be that it brightens a room, brings uniqueness to it, has mood-changing effects on us, displays one’s style, or is just plainly one’s preference. Whatever the reason is, all of us want our walls painted.

            If you are in a dilemma over which color to use for your living room, the answer can be both direct or ambiguous. It really depends on your choice.

            Again, if you want your living room to look aesthetically pleasing, you need to choose a color that sets the room’s tone by matching or contrasting that color with the furniture you’re using.

            But, if you want exact suggestions that you want to follow, then I’d say follow what the scientists say. Apparently, the colors orange, yellow, and light blue help increase our mood. That’s why these colors will be perfect for living rooms as we tend to spend most of our time there.

            You can choose metallic orange, metallic light blue, or metallic yellow color for your living room walls. If you can’t find those colors as metallic paint, then you can use a pale iridescent overcoat on solid colors to bring shine and comfort to your living room space.

            FAQs on Metallic Paint for Walls

            Why is metallic paint more expensive?

            Metallic paints are actually not very cost-efficient. Standard solid colors do not require much money because they’ve become such a necessary household item that it becomes everyones’ need. Whereas metallic paints are more of a luxurious thing that most people don’t actually have a need for.

            Other than that, there are a lot of steps that you need to follow to get a perfect plane metallic surface. These steps add up and cost comparably more.

            Applying metallic paint over a rugged surface won’t look good. You need to create a perfect polished base underneath the paint. Then, you need to prime and use a base coat after that. Finally, you get to put on your metallic paint. That’s the reason for which metallic paint is more expensive.

            What kind of brush do you use for metallic paint on walls?

            People use a lot of different equipment to paint a wall. Among them, paint-rollers, natural brushes, and synthetic brushes are the most common.

            But, when you have to choose a tool, brushes are best for using metallic paints. What kind, do you ask? Always use a synthetic brush.

            Synthetic brushes that are made of high-quality polyester or brushes made of nylon and polyester are perfect for metallic wall painting. The main reason behind this is that these materials don’t soak up water, and metallic paints are always water-based paints.

            How do I get a smooth finish with metallic paint?

            Getting a smooth finish with metallic paint is not an easy task. There are a few steps that you’ve got to follow religiously. You have to prepare your wall first and then apply your paint.

            Preparing a wall means making your wall completely smooth to the touch and making it free of any lumps. For that to happen, you can start sanding away till there is no lump left.

            You have to wash your wall with a mild soap and then let it air dry completely before doing anything else. You can use painter’s tape or masking tape on whatever you don’t want your paint to go on. Then, put on a primer and a base coat (if needed) before you start painting.

            Put on the first coat and sand your wall as needed. Lastly, put on the final coat, and you will find your wall smooth and shiny.

            Does metallic paint last longer?

            Painting the walls of your home is a crucial thing to do. That’s why you need paint that lasts longer. Metallic paints do just that. They last you a very long time because they’re very durable.

            Heavy-duty metallic paints are easy to come by. These metallic paints do not easily get tarnished. The main reason for this is the ingredients that they’re made of.

            Metallic paints are made of metal dust, mica beads, or metal flakes. These ingredients make for a more durable paint that lasts a long time.

            How can I mix metallic paint with regular paint?

            Metallic paints are usually made to be used straight out of the bottle, as is. They’re not like typical solid colors because they’re water-based and comparably thinner than other paints. But, you can undoubtedly mix ordinary wall paint and metallic wall paint.

            Now the question comes, how do you mix them? Easy! Pick your choice of colors and slowly start pouring out one color into the other. Don’t overdo it. Start slow, using as little as possible, and mix well with a stick. Always keep the consistency thin. Mix and mix till you feel like you don’t need to any longer.

            How to use metallic paint on walls?

            Using metallic paint on walls can be just as tricky as it’s easy. You have to follow all the steps correctly. Let’s not waste any more of our precious time and get on with it.

            The first thing that you have to do is make sure your wall is smooth. Lay down some tarps so that you don’t ruin your floor. After washing the wall with a mild soap, start patching areas that might need spackling.

            It would be best if you always used a good primer to prime the wall. When you’re done applying a coat of your primer, let it dry completely.

            The metallic paint might dry too fast before giving you the chance to fix any lap lines. That’s why you should add an extender to your metallic paint to increase the drying time for fixing those lap lines.

            Use a paint roller or a synthetic brush to paint on the first coat. And use a small brush to cover the edges of your walls.

            If you use a roller, always start from the bottom and end near the ceiling. Roll in a straight line without pressing on too hard. Move a bit to your right to roll again.

            Keep doing the same thing till you’ve covered the whole wall while covering all lap lines. When this coat dries completely, look for any lumps and use a sand block to make it smoother. Do another coat following the exact instructions. Let it dry, and that’s it. You’ve done it!

            Final Words

            I’ve already established the fact that painting walls with metallic paint can be laborious and an easy task both at the same time. It’s actually laborious, but you can find amazing products out there that help you to get the job done efficiently. It’s just about finding the right paint that suits your needs.

            It’s challenging to find the best metallic paint for walls. Don’t you worry! Follow this article closely, and you’ll find it to be a perfect guide for metallic paints.

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